About Me

My name is Pablo and I’m an audio guy. I work on many different music projects and I’m doing sound design and mixing for various clients while studying music science in Eichstätt.

Currently, I’m working on a live techno project using a modular synth-setup. Also, I am a member of Rosvita Radikal an audiovisual IDM duo combining jazz, dubstep, ambient, and lightbulbs.

Looking for my mixing services?

I just started my new online mixing service. You can send me your recorded music and I will do the mixing and mastering for you, so your recordings sound fine on any system. All this comes at fixed rates for single tracks. Also I am offering special prices on whole albums.


Pablo Pereira

My solo project is about techno. While experimenting with a vide variety of sub-genres and sounds I create vast dance tracks with rumbling bases. When I play live I use my modular synth.

Rosvita Radikal

Rosvita Radikal is an IDM project that focuses on a wide variety of sounds blended with interesting rhythms. Malik Diao is mostly in charge for the real music instruments and chord progressions while I work on the sound design and rhythmic side of the music. Beate Diao creates the awesome artworks.

Plagu & Basstölpel live

“Frog City” is our first Album. I worked on this album with Gustav Edelmann who is known as Plagu. The album features eleven Tracks we already wrote in 2017 but didn’t finish up until 2019. The sound features a rich blend of disco, pop, funk and house.

recent projects

The iPad Brothers

In the summer term 2019 Prof. Daniel-Mark Eberhard from the Katholische Universität Eichstätt supported me in founding an iPad Band. For the performances I recreated three tracks by The XX, Deadmau5 and Billie Eilish in Ableton and Sibelius. In this process I also used recreations made by other artists. After this I prepared one shot…

Rosvita Radikal & lightbulbs

We were invited to the Haderbastei in Ingolstadt and had the possibilities to create a audiovisual installation featuring some 7 channel audio and audio reactive lighting made out of 28 lightbulbs. Our upcoming lightbulbs EP will contain a stereo-only version of the soundtrack, so you can enjoy the music at home. Sieh dir diesen Beitrag…

Rosvita Radikal – City Scapes Volume II

City Scapes 2 gets weirder! After pointing at random points on a world map to decide for song names we started to create the second Rosvita Radikal EP. Malik Diao and me mostly used odd time signatures and mixed them with a lot of different sound experiments and classic synth sounds. Beate Diao, Malik’s mother,…

Free Electribe Drum Samples

I just stumbled over this sample pack I produced back in 2017 which i planned to release online, but never did until now. It contains 53 samples I designed with the Plagu & Basstölpel electribe back when I had it. This devices was a lot of fun to me. Free Download

Making Music With Art Objects

The gallery of the Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt asked me to create an audio-visual project to accompany the Formen_Spiel_Raum exhibition which features artworks of 16 art students. Since the exhibition tries to open a dialogue with the works of Alf Lechner i decided to create a work where I follow some of his artistic concepts. I…

Rosvita Radikal – City Scapes Volume I

After Malik Diao and me released the EP ‚Kyoto‘ it did not take long for us to complete the EP ‚City Scapes Volume I‘. It is a tape full of relaxing IDM with a few highlight moments which feel very alive. While Malik Diao created most of the melodies and chord progressions and played sax, flute, clarinet…

Plagu & Basstölpel

This project was about experimenting with electronic music and options to perform electronic music in a live environment.

Baby G

I was director for the music video for Mary Mc Fly’s song „Baby G“. Beside all my work during the video production I also was involved into the recording of the vocals for the song.

Special thanks to the very young camera man Lukas Pickard.


The Project „Camino“ featured the entire recording and production of a whole album by Django Charango.  Their music is a fusion between south American rhythms, reggae grooves and sinti jazz.  This project was realised together with Gustav Edelmann. 

Club Maki

I worked on a audivisual reactive decoration in Ingolstadt’s Club Maki featuring TVs and oscilloscopes reacting to the music. This work was created together with Rev:maki and David Böhm and others. My primary focus was on the installation of the TVs and programming of the visual reactivity and researching the visual content which featured a…

Photos on this this website by @shuliffs, @graziella_schelle and @lukas_pickhard. Thank you!