Let’s mix your music.

So it sounds fantastic on any speaker!


You spend lots of hours working on a new album. Writing lyrics and melodies. Recording. Creating Artwork. But you lack mixing experience? At this point, I come into play. You send me your projects and I am going to mix and master them. Then you have master files, ready for streaming or CD production, and all this at fair rates.

What is Mixing?
What is Mixing?

Mixing is the process of bringing together the individual instruments of your track. The mixing engineer makes your song shine by adjusting levels, panning and FX.

What is Mastering?
What is Mastering?

Mastering is the process of preparing your track for distribution. The mastering engineer focuses on matching loudness, overall sound and stereo width over several songs so they sound awesome for streaming and CD-production.

Before Mixing and Mastering

After Mixing and Mastering

How To Get Your Tracks Mixed

Getting your tracks mixed is pretty easy. And your listeners will love the results.


Send Me Your Files

Just fill out the form below and send me your single tracks without effects. For better results also send me a copy of every track with effects applied.


Let Me Do The Work

I will mix your track. Normally I need 3-5 working days.


Get your track

You will receive a one minute snippet of your mixed and mastered track. If you are happy you can pay the bill and I will send you the full mix!

Free test mix/master

Since many people don’t feel confident about sending their project to a mixing or mastering service I offer a free preview. After you send me your tracks I will mix and master them and send you a one minute snippet, so you can decide if you want to buy the whole track.

If it sounds right, it is right.

Joe Meek

Get your free Test Mix and Master!

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